Is it just us or is there not enough of a focus on how staple a blanket scarf is to the wardrobes of men as much as women? Editorials and advertorials have beautifully styled women bundled up and cosy and yet ‘how to wear a scarf as a man’ was one of the more popular Pinterest/Google searches throughout 2016 and 2017! Well we say enough is enough.

Here at likemary, we believe everyone deserves the gift of handmade, ethical, luxurious cosiness. So just for you guys, we have a video on the basic Parision knot as well as a lookbook of various ways to style your best scarf. Enjoy!

The Parisian scarf knot also known as French loop, Snug Tug or more “British” Hoxton and Chelsea knot, is a method of arranging a scarf doubled back and placed around your neck.

This simple and clean style knot is popular with stylish men and it keeps you warm and tidy… Try it yourself and watch out for more videos on how to tie different knots.

The Wraparound

Perfect for everyday, the wraparound is probably the most popular way to wear a scarf to both keep you warm and still have your outfit on show underneath.


Blanket Style

Blanket stye is definitely one for those who just want to feel cosy! Being wrapped up, its like wearing a blanket all day long.


Bundled Up

The bundled-up look is the best choice if you’re having one of those ‘chose-the-wrong-jacket’ kind of days – wrapping yourself up to the brim to stay warm from the elements!




Best for Spring/Autumn when it’s not as harshly cold, this way to wear your scarf is good to throw on over a casual look.


Over & Under

Similar to blanket style, this look allows for that ‘hugging’ feeling whilst looking a little more intentional and thought out.


The Shawl

For those days when you really want to feel all-over cosiness (or if you spill coffee on your shirt!)


The French Knot

A total classic, good for any occasion.

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