We all know the feeling…

You get to the airport absolutely buzzing for your next holiday to remember, and whilst waiting in line at bag check-in you start to get that anxious feeling in your stomach. Your scales at home are a bit iffy, and last time you weighed your case you were 0.2kg away from the weight limit.

You get to the front of the line and put your bag on the scales to read those dreaded numbers… 20.9kg. Eeeek!

Luckily, the airline staff smiles it off and lets your bag through regardless, you got lucky!

After a long flight you arrive in paradise, go to unpack only to realise that A) all of your clothes are now wrinkled to within an inch of their lives and B) your Air BNB doesn’t have an iron or steamer. Crap.

We hate that, and we know you do too!

At likemary we travel a LOT, scouring the globe for the perfect fair trade fabrics for our clothes and scarves, and found the most important skills when packing are to:

  1. Pack clothes you can use more than once, change up a small detail and suddenly they become a whole new outfit
  2. Pack clothes that aren’t going to crease and crinkle, or if they do, it isn’t noticeable.

We decided to make these elements a priority when designing our Spring/Summer 2018 collection. We introduced 2-in-1 pieces that can be transformed from culottes to jumpsuit in one quick-change. From halter to belted in a flash. From beach shorts to full cover-up in seconds. Clothes that don’t wrinkle, or are slightly textured that way by design so you can be restaurant ready in minutes from arriving at your destination. Here are a few of our favourites to help you reach pro-traveller-status (and a handy tip for when you are caught short: leaving clothes hung up in a steamy or humid environment will naturally iron out any creases in the fabric!)

2-in-1 Wide Leg Culotte Jumpsuit and Trousers

With a removable strap to go from halter to bandeau to belted, and a roll-down top to go from jumpsuit to culottes, this jumpsuit is the ultimate multi-tasker. An easy 4 outfits-in-one!

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side split trousers

Wide Leg Side Split Trousers

We designed these trousers with a fabric near-on impossible to crease, and if by chance they do, they steam out in a flash. Leave them hung up in the bathroom while you take your post-airplane shower and the steam should soften them out in no time.

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Holiday day dress beach cover up in mustard

Halter-Neck Day Dress

This is the ultimate beach cover-up dress. Designed with beach days in mind where it’s thrown in a bag as you lounge in your bathing suit all day, and pop it on to head out to lunch or the local shops. The nature of this fabric is the sort where if it does crinkle, it looks intended that way.

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2 in 1 Bandeau Playsuit and Shorts White

2-in-1 Bandeau Playsuit and Shorts

Another staple all-rounder, our 2-in-1 playsuit doubles up as the everyday carefree shorts you’ll live in whilst on holiday.

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Lace Trim Crinkle Summer Kaftan Pistacchio

Beach Shorts

Our shorts are made of a similar blend to the beach dress so are super wrinkle friendly. The comfy and lightweight elasticated waist also means they’ll be friendly on all the delicious food you eat on holiday too 😉

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Cotton Cloth Eco 2 in 1 Shoulder Bag & Rucksack

Because we’re total nerds for function and versatility, all of our bags are 2-in-1 from banana style shoulder bag to rucksack in seconds. Made from a strong yet light cotton, they’re your ideal travel companion and even roll up in to a handy travel-sized pouch!

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Wrap Front Soft Crinkle Jumpsuit Black

Wrap Front Soft Crinkle Jumpsuit

Made from soft-crinkle viscose, this is your dream jumpsuit for when you land in the evening and are ready to dash straight out for dinner. In a lightweight and airy fabric designed with an intentional crinkle with tie wrap waist, you’ll feel cinched yet free-flowing and comfortable all evening!

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